From 2017 I have worked at Kronaby as a graphic designer for their marketing team. While working alongside a senior designer, I have managed to be involved in many different areas where design work was necessary to support the brand. These included, but were not limited to: brand collaterals, large format advertising (billboards, storefront posters), advertising (print and digital ads), Point of Sales material (in store posters, counter stand cards, leaflets, light box images), event material (roll ups, invitations, menus), digital content (SoMe content creation including photographing and editing, newsletters, invitations) and occasional promotional prints (stickers, vouchers).
Selfie Competition Poster
Libratone Competition Poster
Various printed posters created for campaigns and contests.
Print ads created for the 2018 campaign.

Print invitations for Kronaby's brand ambassador reveal cocktail party

A5 counter stand cards for Point of Sale use.

Postcards + screen blocking stickers made in collaboration with Stupid danish design studio.

Digital invitations created for various Kronaby events.

Art direction and photo edition of various content for main page and social media.
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